Our Product-Benefit World

We ourselves have the highest demands on our products and place great emphasis on the fact that products leave our house only in perfect condition. That is why we control all production steps very precisely and we always intend to provide our customers advanced technologies in the field of liquid filtration.

Own development

We develop and finish filter fleece in our company. This way, you will receive products, which you find in this form only with us.

Large range of products

We supply nonwovens for every filtration application - from almost 60 different fleece qualities. The range of our products covers almost the entire range of filter technology.


With our 2 own cutting systems (large plant 6.5 t) we cut and wind your nonwovens exactly on customers request (from 5 cm up to 250 cm), on cores with ID 70, 76 and 150 mm.


If you want to be successful in the long run, you have to develop further. That is why we are counting on continuous progress. Our technologies are always state-of-the-art and offer you maximum benefits.

Highest Quality Standards

Whether it is our products or our service, quality is a very important criterion for us in all areas.